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Sassy Sauce

I'm not drunk, you're drunk.

the original of this piece is about 10"x14" and on the worst paper ever.

oily doily

Here is a drawing I did while I was in london:

Here is a thing I doodled this afternoon (in Vancouver):


Also, I'm home from Glasgow now, so I'm updating from western Canada again! Scotland was amazing though, I can't wait to go back and see all of the wonderful people I met. Much love. Posted by Alison at 16:23 0 comments

lay dees

lay dees

I have rekindled my relationship with my oil pencil. good times.



Here's a little poem/comic I made with the intention of self publishing it as a little zine, but the gsa libraries photocopiers don't seem to be able to print double sided. So I'll print it back up when I'm in Canada...because I know where to print things.
So here are the pages as they would appear book wise.


I am the emperor

Hello there! I'm just posting this to my journal first, cause I am having a majorly hard time working out the cut on this.
This is a book that I made while on exchange at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. It's a loose adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron. It's a map fold book in an envelop case. The case is screen printed and the pages are digitally printed. Hit the link to see a BAJILLION images, as well as a gif of it unfolding.

the masssive drawing, made up of many smaller drawings

and this is how she unfolds(if the gif works):Photobucket


Ages Ago

So I meant to post this like...three months ago.
This is work that I mad for a self directed project at Emily Carr last fall in Advanced Illustration.
and the opposite flap says "goodbye"

and finally, the original image. Which, if you partake in public transit, you may see around town sometime.

Pound it

So I just finished a term on exchange at the glasgow school of art, and this is one of the things I did:
it's a two colour screen printed book jacket for the selected poems of ezra pound.
here he is all folded up:

inside front cover

and ze back cover


and there is the whole darn thing undone!
I am not a master of screen printing. But this was fun. It took 30 prints to get 4 goodish ones. I blame the paper cutter in the studio. It's not straight at all.

much love

Male Man

haaaai. I drewww this things:


playin around with fraaaames:

doodlee doo

Old news, rusty screws

I put this on facebook, but it's not in the blog-o-matic archive, and it's kinda cute: so here's a little illustration project from last fall.

apologies if this is a repeaaaat.